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Precious Pearl

This is your chance to own a precious jewellery that is timeless and unique. It has different colours that is unknown to anyone but only you. The colour of the pearl has different meanings that hints about your very own future, so discover your very own unique pearl directly from the oyster today.


Precious Pearl comes in its original form where it is still in the oyster, unopened. You will be the first one that gets to open the oyster and see the treasure for yourself. Being able to wear your very own specialised gift from nature, in the pendant necklace that was customised for the pearl is really rare. 


Getting Precious Pearl for someone as unique and precious as the pearl is no doubt a correct choice.


Every pearl is slightly different, created naturally, the size and colour reflect the conditions of the oyster and its surroundings. Because of this, the colours of pearls have been given special meaning across the ages. From wealth, wisdom, happiness and even love, the colour of your pearl could represent more than just natural beauty.


From their origins in the depths of the ocean to their opaque, pearlescent beauty, pearls are the only gems that aren’t mined like gemstones or fashioned, like precious metals, by human hands. Pearls are formed in the most natural, elegant, elemental way - inside oysters. And, because they are produced in such an unusual way, a pearl offers an opportunity for you, the one who will wear this unique thing of beauty, to be the first person ever to see and hold it.


A gift should be precious and unique so why not give the gift of mystery, wrapped in timeless, natural beauty to yourself or someone you love?



  • 1 x Hermetic tin with Precious Pearl Oyster.
  • 1 x Precious Pearl (inside the oyster).
  • 1 x Precious Pearl Necklace.
  • 1 x Precious Pearl Pendant.
  • 1 x Oyster Opening Tool.


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