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Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper

Is chopping a chore? Are you tired of bulky food processors that take up valuable counter or cabinet space? Introducing the Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper! The Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper is the revolutionary mini food processor that takes the chore out of chopping with just a push of a button. Cordlessly, touch to chop for a flavor that won’t stop! Add tomatoes, onions and salaco for a homemade salsa.


The secret to the Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper is the 30W motor that propels stainless steel S shaped blades, chopping even the toughest food to desire consistency. Perfect for blending ice, for frozen drinks or snow cones. Baby food, salad toppings or more. Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper takes up a fraction of the space of the other food processor and charges with the included USB cable. Now you can unplug and take food prepping on the go! Ideal for camping, boating or RVs. 


Best of all, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper is small but powerful. Turn coffee beans to even the finest ground coffee and all it takes is one touch to make baby food, omelets, coleslaw and more! Stop adding clutter to your kitchen. For an easy job, Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper can take care of. Unlike bulky and expensive food processors that take up too much space or pull choppers that wear out your wrist. 


No Batteries Required

The Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper charged the same way as your mobile phone. Simply plug the USB cable into any electrical socket and connect it to the Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper and wait. The charging time for the Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper takes up to 5 hours but you can use it for approximately 60 times! Simply use the USB charging cable that is included with the package and connect it to the Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper and you’re good to go!



Product Specification

Made in China


Weight: 0.32kg 

Packaging Dimension: 90*90*270MM

Capacity: 250ml


How to Use:

- Before first use, plug and fully charge the unit. And the red light on when charging while off if full. Clean the blade, chopping cup and splash guard(lid) before the first use.

- Insert the chopping blade onto the centering shaft in the processing mixing jar. Be careful when handling the sharp blades. Add food to be processed into the processing mixing jar.

- After then insert the lid onto the mixing jar, then put the moto head on and zip to the lid in place. Push the switch and start to process the food. The blades will be blocked if it is overloaded when starting. Do reduce the amount of the food then go on.

- Release the switch about 15 seconds after one cycle processing. Please continue to press and push the switch for another cycle if the food is not fine enough. After processing, remove the motor head, and then take off the splash guard from the cup, pour out the food. Do cleaning on the blades, splash guard and mixing jar.


How to Clean: 

Simply rinse under water and allow to dry thoroughly.



- The blades are very sharp and must not be touched by hands. To avoid injuries, the water should be very clear so that you can see the blades during the cleaning process.

- Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents for cleaning.

- It is strictly forbidden to sterilize all parts of this product at high temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the glass breakable?

Although it is made from thickened glass to prevent knocks and bumps, it is still glass and will be cracked under immense pressure or impact. Always handle with care.


Is the glass microwavable?

No it is not.


Is the container freezer safe? 

Although it is made of thickened glass, you might be in a situation of the contents within it getting freezer burns so we do not recommend putting it in the freezer.  


What can I make using Gourmet Chef One Touch Chopper?

The options are endless - smoothies, minced meat, sauces and pastes and many more! You can even blend solids into an almost powdered form, and blend mixtures for baking purposes. 


Can I use it to blend coffee beans?

Yes, but not powdery.


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