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A feeling of coldness lasts for 20 hours just by soaking it in water. Easy and convenient neck cooler "Magical Cool" (normal size). Effectively cools the neck with the natural coldness that uses the "heat of vaporization" that removes heat when water evaporates.

In the presence of a wide variety of polymers, we repeated the cooling sensation test and selected the ultrafine polymer with the highest cooling sensation effect. Uses carefully selected cotton that maximizes the cooling effect of the heat of vaporization and is also soft to the touch.

It is very economical because it can be used over and over again. Comes with a fit tape that can be attached and detached with a single touch. Antibacterial and deodorant processed. Cooling performance test completed.

Rest assured that you have passed the skin irritation test. No chemicals used. As a cool-down goods indispensable for outdoor activities, leisure activities, and sports under the scorching sun. Effectively cool your neck in tennis, jogging, walking, walking, mountaineering, hiking, camping, watching sports, and more. A large number of deliveries from government agencies (Ministry of Defense, etc.)


Size: 4.8 x 53
Fabric: 100% cotton; Absorbent: Special polymer polymer; Velcro: 100% nylon.


How to Use:

1. Soak magicool in water filled or running water, then gently rub and maintain enough water. (*When shipped, the absorbent polymer may harden and become untidy. Gently rub with your finger while wet to ensure the absorbent polymer is evenly distributed.

2. Wipe off excess water with a dry towel. (Do not wring the magicool)

3. Wrap it around your neck or forehead and wear it anywhere you like. When water runs out, the cooling feeling will be reduced, so please re-absorb water and put it on. After use, please hand wash the stains with cold or warm water, and dry it in the shade.


The secret of the cool feeling the special polymer polymer (water absorbing resin) in the special polymer polymer product. Absorbs water and retains water without letting it escape to the outside. The endothermic action when the large amount of water evaporates suppresses the temperature rise of the skin and maintains a comfortable cooling sensation for a long time. A comfortable cooling sensation lasts for 20 hours or more (* changes depending on the usage environment)

Provides a comfortable cooling sensation for 20 hours or more. Once moistened, it can be used by wrapping it in any part at any time and in any place.

It can be used in various situations! Sports / Outdoor / Leisure (Golf / Tennis / Camping / Walking / Climbing / Fishing / Travel / Watching sports / Working under the scorching sun, etc.)

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