The average temperature in Singapore is about 31 degrees. No matter how many cold drinks you consume or how low you adjust your aircon temperature, the heat still persists! Keeping cool in a hot and humid country like Singapore may be challenging-- but not impossible. 

Here are some ways you can beat the heat at home in Singapore! 

1. Eat hydrating foods 


Let us start with how to lower our temperatures internally (from our bodies). Eating hydrating foods help to reduce our body temperature and get rid of heat. Some examples of food high in water content include: cantaloupe, watermelon, and strawberries.

Vegetables such as celery, cucumber and cauliflower help too! If you are not a huge fan of greens, you can add some ice inside a blender and make it into a delicious smoothie! 

Tip: Store your favourite drink in our Arctic mugs. It has a double-wall insulation and a copper layer that enhances the insulation properties. It can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours. 


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2. Wear loose clothing 


Loose clothing can help us to combat body heat as well. Some types of fabric that you can use include: cotton, linen and silk. It absorbs your sweat and allows your skin to breathe better. 

Tip: To enhance the cooling effect, wear our Magic Cool around your neck! Effectively cools the neck with the natural coldness that uses the "heat of vaporization" that removes heat when water evaporates.

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3. Use a fan instead of an air-conditioner 


Fans are more cost effective and more energy-efficient as well. Although you may deny that the cooling properties are not as great as an air condition, there are some fans that operate relatively well! 

Go for the SONA 46" Remote Tower Fan because it consumes less electricity and is more affordable. There are 3 modes-- normal, nature and sleep. Don’t worry about loud noises as the fan operates quietly. 


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4. Use the right pillow 


When you go into a deep slumber at night, your pillow is the one that causes you to feel the heat. It absorbs heat from your head and most pillows do not conduct heat well. Choosing a pillow with cooling properties or air circulation can help you to keep cool! 

Tip: Use our Chillmax pillow for a nice cooling effect. The inner gel reacts to your body temperature to absorb excess heat, drawing it away from your skin to produce a natural cooling effect for up to three hours. 

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5. Use LED lights 


Start using LED lights instead of regular CFL light. LED lights run much cooler and their energy goes into producing light, not heat. Less energy is required to give off the same level of light and has 95% less energy use. 

Keep cool at home with just these few simple steps! 


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